Terms and Conditions

Below is a list of general terms and conditions. When accepting a quote from Ian Leech Electrical Contractor Limited the following terms and conditions are automatically agreed to.


When we are asked to quote proposed electrical works we will always try to carry out an on-site survey before pricing for work. This helps reduce any added costs on the day of work.

Quotes will describe how the work is to be carried out and what is included within that price. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the quote to see what is included in the price. If something is missing or there is a query then the customer should contact us to confirm before accepting the quote.

If there are any changes to the installation then we must be notified prior to the installation day so the quote can be adjusted.

Quotes are normally valid for 14 days, after this period it would be reviewed due to fluctuations in the price of copper cable and other materials.

We are currently VAT registered, all quotes will include VAT.


We generally source the materials for works ourselves but can fit customer-supplied materials if they are deemed suitable. We prefer to supply ourselves so that in the event of an issue with a product it can be easily returned, and also be covered by our 12-month warranty (3 years for EV chargers).

In the event of a defective product supplied by ourselves, we will replace the item free of charge within the warranty period.

Customer-supplied materials are not covered by our 12-month warranty and any return visits required to repair or replace the part will be chargeable.

All supplied materials remain the property of Ian Leech Electrical Contractor LTD until the invoice is paid in full.


Whilst carrying out electrical works we endeavour to do this in the least disruptive way possible.

Drilling/chasing works

When carrying out works that damage the fabric of the building we use professional power tools intended for the application. Although we are very experienced in these tasks, sometimes unintended damage can occur such as cracks in brick or plasterwork etc, we cannot guarantee that this won’t happen. We can do basic patching to repair this but sometimes a professional will be required to put this right, this work is not covered in our estimate.

Carpet/flooring removal

Sometimes floor coverings need to be removed to get access to wiring under floor voids. We have experience in this and can remove these ourselves where possible but we cannot guarantee that it will go back down exactly the way they were. Sometimes it is advisable to have a professional floor layer replace these afterwards if you are concerned.

Protection of property/housekeeping

When work is taking place we expect the area to be free to work in and uncluttered. Areas that are cluttered and hinder the installation will result in an increased amount of time on site and labour time may be added to the initial quote.  We recommend that any valuable items be removed from this area. It is advised to remove pictures and mirrors from walls when drilling is carried out in the immediate vicinity so the vibrations do not cause any damage.

If you are concerned about dust we would ask you to protect your property and belongings to a level you are happy with. We will use our own dust sheets also to protect the immediate work area.

We have hoovers and cleaning equipment to clean the work area to a basic level when complete. Food preparation areas should be further cleaned by the client to ensure there is no contamination of food.

Loft access

If work is required in a loft space we expect the area to be free from clutter and valuables to avoid the risk of damage as this is an area of decreased safety. Any cluttered lofts will result in an increased time on site.

Lofts must also be free from vermin and nests.

Existing electrical installation

It is always assumed that the existing electrical installation is free from any faults and meets the requirements of BS7671 Wiring regulations. On occasions where we believe there could be potential issues, we would ask for an electrical installation condition report to be carried out first.

If faults are found it may not always be safe to complete our installation without rectifying other underlying issues first. If any issues are found that will have a significant impact on the cost we will notify the customer ASAP. The customer will then be given the option of whether to proceed with work or not. For example, it may be found that earthing and bonding test readings are not sufficient and upgrading may be required. If the upgrade is not completed first, we cannot complete the installation. 

If the client does not wish to proceed work will cease. The customer will then be invoiced for any time that has been spent on-site.

Customer works

We do not allow the customer to complete any of the electrical installation works. Any non-electrical works such as floor board removal or trenching can be completed though.

Wi-Fi/Smartphone Apps

Wi-Fi and apps are now common for smart homes/EV charging etc. 

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the Wi-Fi signal is sufficient to ensure the apps work reliably. When carrying out a survey for this type of work we will always make the customer aware if we believe there may be issues with connectivity. We can advise on how to best rectify this.

If there are issues with connectivity on the installation day, and extra time or materials to help improve the signal are needed, then there will be an added cost to the final invoice to reflect this.

We are not liable for any issues with the software of any smart home/EV charging products, this is the manufacturer’s responsibility and they should be contacted in the event of an issue. 

Site Health and Safety

Working at height

We will only work at a safe working height that our ladders and trestles will allow – usually up to 2 metres. Anything higher than this will need relevant access equipment i.e. tower scaffold. This would be discussed with the customer prior to commencing work.

We do not work on pitched roofs without appropriate scaffolding.

Snow/ice/heavy rain

In the event of extreme weather conditions sometimes we will have to cancel work on the installation day if we believe travelling to or working on site is a health and safety issue. If this is the case the customer will be notified ASAP and a new installation date arranged. 

We always advise customers to arrange work in good time i.e. EV charging installations to be booked at least a week before vehicle delivery.

Waste management

We hold a waste carriers license for recyclable material only (card, paper and copper) so therefore cannot dispose of general household waste.

General waste left over from any work will be bagged up and left in a convenient location for the client to dispose of.

For larger renovation works we may request a skip.


Upon completion of works, the relevant electrical certification in line with BS7671 will be forwarded to the customer along with any other literature required. Certificates are sent digitally via email, although paper copies can be provided if requested (a small fee applies)

When a building regulations certificate for the Local Authority Building Control is required this will come via our provider (Napit Certification) within 14 days of completion of works. There is a small fee for the notification cost incurred.

Under no circumstances do we certify work completed by other contractors or work completed on a DIY basis.


Upon completion of work, an invoice will be sent to the client.

Payment is due within 5 days of completion of works and can be made via Online banking (preferred), cheque or cash. 

We can offer debit/credit card payments upon request – unfortunately, this will be subject to a 2% transaction fee.

There is no discount for cash payment.

Payments not made within 30 days will be subject to interest or sold to our debt recovery partner.