Ohme Home Pro Review

Ohme EV vharge point with LCD screen on blue background

The Home Pro is a tethered EV charger from the Ireland-based company, Ohme.Designed with an emphasis on saving the customer money through off-peak charging.

The Ohme Home Pro delivers a compact charger, that is easy to use and install

Ohme Home Pro 2 Overview

The main unit, although relatively small, has a large interactive LCD screen with 3 control buttons allowing the user full control over charging without having to use the app. The tethered lead delivers charging rates up to 7.4kW and is available in 5m and 8m lengths. Built-in 4G allows the Ohme to connect to a mobile network without the need for WiFi connectivity.

Tethered Ohme Pro charge point installed on brick wall

Ohme Home Pro 2 Design

The Ohme Home Pro comes as a sealed unit, manufactured from ABS, with no access to internal parts or connections. It has an ingress protection rating of IP55 making it suitable for internal or external installation. The unit is small with a footprint of 170mm x 200mm, and a depth of 100mm making this charger one of the most slimline available.

The charging cable can be clipped into the supplied wall-mounted holster which can be installed in a convenient location. The cable can then be coiled over the integrated cable hook keeping things neat and tidy.

Ohme Type 2 holster and cable hook installed on wall

If your looking for an untethered charge point then Ohme have the e-Pod which offers many of the great features of the Home Pro 2.

Ohme Home Pro 2 Safety Devices

The Ohme Home Pro has all the usual UK safety features including PEN fault protection, which omits the need for an earth rod or separate O-PEN fault device. It also has built-in A-Type RCD protection and 6mA DC protection making installation straightforward.

The Ohme Pro also has a grid limiting feature which prevents overload of the main fuse, this is a great feature for homes with high electricity usage. A set level can be set by the installer to match your main supply fuse, if the total consumption of electricity usage comes near to the limit the charging rate to the EV will reduce preventing overload of the main fuse.

Ohme Home Pro 2 Features

Ohme Colour Screen

As mentioned the Ohme Pro has a 3″ colour screen, this is bright in daylight but dims when not in use. The screen displays charging modes and the current state of charge information.

The control panel below has 3 buttons allowing control of charging options, including the ability to override scheduled charging by setting to ‘max charge’. This is a great feature as the charging mode is not reliant on an app and can be easily changed from the charger.

Ohme Home Pro 2 API integration 

One feature the Ohme Home Pro has that isn’t found in many charger points is API integration. This allows the Ohme Pro to link with a car manufacturer’s software, enabling the ability to see the state of charge (SOC) through the Ohme app. 

By having access to the state of charge a more precise and cost effective charging schedule can be set. The user also has the ability to set the charge to a certain percentage which isnt possible with other charge points that don’t have API integration.

The Ohme Home Pro currently links with the API of the following manufacturers:

  • BMW
  • Hyundai
  • Jaguar
  • Land Rover
  • Kia
  • Nissan
  • Renault
  • Tesla
  • MINI

Ohme Home Pro 2 Intelligent Octopus Go tariff integration

The Ohme Home Pro 2 is one of only chargers that integrates with the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff. The Intelligent Octopus Go tariff gives 6 hours of cheaper off-peak electricity and was only previously available for drivers of certain vehicles. This feature is now available for any vehicle when charged through the Ohme Home Pro 2.

Ohme Home Pro installed on wall

Ohme Home Pro 2 solar integration 

Unfortunately there is no solar integration with the Ohme Home Pro at this time, but it’s scheduled for release later this year.

Ohme Home Pro 2 connectivity

It’s great to see that the Ohme Pro has 4G connectivity and doesn’t rely totally on a Wi-Fi signal. This makes it quick to get online providing you have a strong mobile signal, unfortunately unlike the Easee it doesn’t have Wi-Fi as a fallback option in the event of a 4G outage. The Ohme Pro connects to the 4 major network providers and is cost-free for 3 years.

If the 4G signal is lost smart features will be disabled at that time. Charging functions can still be changed via the Ohme Home Pro screen.

Ohme Home Pro 2 – What’s in the box

Ohme Home Pro EV charge point type 2 holsterand accessories

  • Ohme Pro 2unit (with charge cable)
  • Mounting plate
  • Wall holster/hook
  • CT Clamp (for grid limiting)
  • Wago connectors
  • Wago connector box

Ohme EV charge point with tethered lead in box

Ohme Home Pro 2 Installation and setup

Installation of the Ohme Home Pro is a fairly straightforward affair. A steel mounting plate is first fixed to the wall using appropriate fixings, the Ohme unit is then attached to this and held in place by screws. The Ohme is a sealed unit so has no access to any internal connections, therefore a 1m power lead is already pre-connected for termination to a junction box that the supply cable connects into. 

The power lead also has a 2-core data connection for the CT connections, this can be connected to a separate data cable back to the meter, or to an EV ultra combined power and data cable (if used).

The CT clamp is fitted to the meter and can be joined to a data cable using the supplied Wago box and connectors.

Once powered up the installer can complete the setup and the user can download the Ohme app. From the app, the user can scan the QR code on the Ohme screen to complete setup.

Ohme Home Pro 2Pricing

The Ohme Home Pro has a retail price of £598 RRP for the 5m lead model, and £695 for the 8m model

Ohme Home Pro 2 verdict

User view

The Ohme Home Pro is a small discrete unit and is well priced. The only downside to the small size is that the cable can’t be wrapped around the main unit like the Hypervolt for example. This means the cable is stowed away separately on a hook which does detract from the overall aesthetics. Also, the junction box connection can clutter things further if installed nearby.

The Ohme does make up for it with excellent features unseen on other chargers, such as the colour screen and API integration. The state of charge feature is excellent and allows full control from a single app. Climate control and preconditioning can also be set if your car has API integration (manufacturer dependant).

The smart app is fairly simple to use, although it does complicate charging schedules by asking what percentage you would like to charge to. Most users just want to set a time a be done with it.

With the Ohme/Octopus Energy partnership an extended off-peak tariff of 6 hours is available helping to reduce charging costs further.

The Ohme Home Pro 2 can be locked via the app to prevent unauthorised charging which is always a great feature.

Installer view

The Ohme Home Pro is really installer friendly and one of the quicker units to install and setup.

The mounting plate is sturdy and works well even on walls that are slightly uneven.

I do feel that the pre-flexed lead should possibly be a bit longer to make it easier to hide the junction box connection. Many customers can be fussy about the overall look of the installation, as it can look slightly cluttered with the additional junction box. 

The included Wago box and connectors for the CT clamps are a great addition making sure you have everything at hand, nt many other manufacturers supply these unfortunately. 

Commissioning is really easy, and 4G is always a winner for installers. Definitely one of the less fiddly installations.