OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme to end in March 2022

It was recently announced that the OLEV (now OZEV) Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) Grant will come to an end in March 2022 for homeowners. There had been speculation that this was coming into effect for many months, and was confirmed on 9th September 2022 (world EV day).


The scheme in its current format sees homeowners receiving £350 towards the cost of the installation of a charge point. But Installations completed after 31st March 2022 will no longer receive the grant. 

This is disappointing news for homeowners looking at getting an electric vehicle next year, although all is not lost!

To be eligible for the grant customers must have an eligible vehicle, or have one on order. As long as the vehicle is on order, and you have evidence of this, it will still be possible to have a charge point installed. There are no time constraints for this, even if your vehicle is not due for delivery for six months.


Beat the deadline

It’s recommended that any homeowner expecting an EV in the new year find an installer ASAP to ensure they meet the deadline. Semiconductor shortages have already delayed many installations over the last six months and created a backlog of work. Some national companies already have a lead time of several months.

If you are planning on having a charge point installed then contact your local approved OZEV installer, you can find your local installer here.

Further information on the current OZEV Homecharge Scheme can be found here.


New Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

The EVHS Scheme is not ending completely though, and a new revised scheme will take over from 1st April 2022.

This new scheme will target people living in rented accommodation, apartment blocks (inc leasehold) and non-resident building owners (social housing and landlords).

Off-street parking and an eligible vehicle will still form part of the criteria for claims made by those living in rented accommodation, with again £350 towards installation. Those living in leasehold properties, like flats, will still be able to claim. 

Owners of apartment blocks will be given additional help, with up to £850 per parking bay available. This is to be capped at £30,000 per building.