What are the Jaguar I-PACE charge times?

The I-PACE is Jaguar’s first all-electric vehicle. Combining style, luxury and high performance, this SUV has it all!

The I-PACE packs a 90kWh battery offering up to 292 miles –  calculated on the official WLTP cycle.

Charging can take place via an on-board 7kWh AC charger, in addition to the rapid 100 kW DC capability.

Charging the I-PACE at home

The I-Pace can be charged at home from a 13A UK domestic socket outlet using the supplied home charger, or from either a  3.6kW (16A) slow or 7.2kW (32A) fast charger.
It is always recommended to have a dedicated charger for the I-PACE due to the length of time it’s on charge. A dedicated EV charger will also be safer, possibly preventing overloading your existing socket circuit.

What charging connector does the I-PACE use at home?

When charging using a slow or fast charger at home the I-PACE will use an AC Type 2 connector.

type 2 connector green iconfor electric vehicles

How fast does the I-PACE charge at home?

Using a 13A UK domestic socket outlet the I-PACE will charge from 0-100% in around 39 hours. A rate of 7 miles/hour.
A dedicated 3.6kW charger will see the charge time decrease to around 25 hours. A rate of 11 miles/hour.
And the recommended 7.2kW charger will improve that to around 13 hours. A range of 20 miles/hour.
Always remember that it is highly unlikely you will be charging from 0% every time. It’s also worth noting that charge times and battery capacity can be effected over time so these times will vary.

How much does it cost to charge the Jaguar I-PACE at home?

When charging from empty to full and assuming a tariff of 14p per kWh the I-PACE will cost approx £13.10 to charge.
Assuming the range of the vehicle is 292 miles this works out at around 4.5p per mile.
This price can be significantly reduced if using an electricity provider that has reduced rates for overnight charging.
Octopus Energy have an Octopus Go tariff which Has a cost of 5p per kWh for 4 hours overnight.
Using a tariff like Octopus Go could reduce the cost of charging down to approx £10.51, resulting in a cost of 3.6p per mile
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Having an EV charger installed at home

For more information  please see our review of the best EV home chargers, or see our Myenergi  Zappi review. The Myenergi Zappi  charger is currently one of the best available and has many features not seen on other chargers. We recommend this as a perfect companion to the Jaguar I-PACE.
If you wish to have an EV charger installed at home please see our post about the OLEV Homecharge Scheme Grant. Here you will find out how to receive a £350 contribution towards your installation and also how to find an approved installer.

Charging the I-PACE at a public charger

Some public charging stations will only have fast chargers similar to  ones for homes, but many will have a 22kW fast charger or rapid charger.
The rapid charger uses combined AC and DC voltage via a CCS connector to deliver charging rates up to 100kW.

CCS icon for electric vehicle charging

How fast does the I-PACE charge from a public charger?

Using a 22kW fast charger the I-PACE will charge from empty to 100% in approximately 8 hours, at a range rate of around 30 miles/hour
DC charging will be much quicker, although it does slow down when reaching 80% to protect the battery.
Charging from 20 to 80% using a 50kW charger will take around 75 minutes, at a range rate of around 70 miles/30 minutes
Using a 100kW charger will take around 40 minutes, at a range rate of around 145 miles/30 minutes

How much does it cost to charge the I-PACE from a public charger?

Assuming an average cost of 26p per kWh for public chargers the I-Pace would cost around £13.50 to charge from 20 to 80%. At a cost per mile of approximately 9p per mile.
All charging rates will vary due to battery temperature, battery state and ambient temperature .
Charging costs depend on electricity tariff and should only be used as a guide.
Range rates are effected by driving style and road and should only be used as a guide.


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